Publishing books with spine since 1922, Melbourne University Publishing (MUP) is Australia’s first and top university press. MUP is the home of agenda-setting political, history and current affairs titles; landmark illustrated art and lifestyle books and the best in Australian academic research and writing. MUP is dedicated to sharing top Australian non-fiction writing with a worldwide audience publishing books and monographs, ebooks and audiobooks.

Covering a broad range of genres, MUP is a leader in both news-making political and current affairs publications, and beautiful and definitive Australian art and lifestyle books. Through the Miegunyah Press imprint we publish lavishly illustrated landmark books that document the national story, and include a list of award-winning art, photography, historical and biographical titles.

We publish the best of Australian academic research and writing through our MUP Academic series. These titles are peer-reviewed and designed for readers and writers of scholarly material and specialist research.

The prestigious and editorially-independent literary journal Meanjin also falls under the MUP umbrella.

As well as new publishing, we are currently digitising our extensive backlist with iconic titles such as Manning Clark's six-volume A History of Australia and Hartung's Astronomical Objects for Southern Telescopes being sold online for the first time. This digitisation is an ongoing project and you can request titles to be brought back into print here.

The MUP Board

Professor Warren Bebbington AM (Chair)

Professor Margaret Abernathy

Peter Andrews

Gabrielle Coyne

Associate Professor Mark Davis

Nicole Glazebrook

Professor Russell Goulbourne

Dr. Nathan Hollier

Dr. Sandra McComb

Dr. Julie Wells

The MUP Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Jim Angus (Medicine)

Professor Jon Barnett (Geography, Planning, Urban Studies)

Professor Katy Barnett (Communications and Media Law)

Professor Jeff Borland (Economics)

Professor Joe Camilleri (Asia, International Relations)

Professor Anne Dunlop (Art History)

Professor Mark Edele (History)

Professor Cordelia Fine (Business Studies, Gender and Cultural Studies)

Professor Emma Kowal (Anthropology)

Professor Dan Li (Chemical Engineering)

Professor Eleanor Mackie (Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)

Professor Julie McLeod (Education)

Professor Julie Willis (Architecture)

Professor Ann Roberts (Physics)

Professor Frances Separovic (Biophysical Chemistry)