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The MUP Academic series showcases the best of Australian academic research and writing. The list is especially designed for readers and writers of scholarly material by making specialist research readily available in an affordable and attractive choice of formats. All MUP Academics are peer reviewed and are intended to support the community of scholars from early career researchers to eminent senior academics.

The key areas that we publish in are history (series editor Professor Joy Damousi), Australian politics and policy (series editor Professor Ann Capling), education (series editor Professor John Hattie), Islamic studies (series editor Professsor Shahram Akbarzadeh) and military/strategy (series editors Dr Peter J Dean and Associate Professor Brendan Taylor). Titles printed under the MUP Academic imprint also stem from a range of other disciplines, including Aboriginal studies; law; science; international relations; media and culture; sociology; economics; and philosophy.

For further information about our Islamic Studies Series please click here.

MUP is proud to have published many noteworthy Academics in recent years, among them Honour Among Nations by Marcia Langton; Asian Alternatives by Garry Woodard; Australia's Own Cold War by Tom Sheridan; Against the Grain edited by Stuart Macintyre and Sheila Fitzpatrick; the edited collection Fresh Water by Emily Potter, Alison Mackinnon and Stephen McKenzie; Responsibility by Ghassan Hage; and Incentivising Employees by Ian Ramsay, Ingrid Landau and Ann O’Connell.

MUP does not accept unrevised theses and conference proceedings for publication. MUP Academics are available on MUP’s website as eBooks, as well as being offered in book format as a print-on-demand option. This is a format MUP has developed to publish academic work of outstanding merit that makes a significant contribution to its field, is likely to have an international audience but may not necessarily a large commercial audience.

For information on publishing under the MUP Academic imprint please see our Submissions page. 

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