Thank you for considering submitting your proposal to Melbourne University Publishing. Proposals will need to fit our current non-fiction publishing program, which falls under four imprints: Melbourne University Press, The Miegunyah Press, MUP Academic and Custom Books. Please read the information on each of these imprints to assess how your book might fit our program.

Please note: we are not currently publishing fiction, children’s books or poetry.

Submissions should be emailed to MUP information and include:

· a short synopsis (no more than 300 words)
· proposed length (number of words)
· a detailed chapter breakdown
· a complete sample chapter, or the first 20 pages of your manuscript
· samples (not originals) and details of illustrations, if relevant
· an assessment of the intended readership
· a list of similar/competing titles
· a brief biography (no more than 150 words) 
· a short CV that includes relevant experience (such as media experience and contacts) and previous publications.

Please do not submit your submission as hardcopy, or send it via post, as this will unfortunately not be returned or acknowledged. Please allow three months for us to consider your proposal and get back to you.

MUP provides advice for recent graduates on how to rewrite your thesis into a book.

For information and advice seeking publication of your manuscript, consider contacting your local Writers' Centre:

ACT Writers' Centre
Hunter Writers' Centre
New South Wales Writers' Centre
Northern Territory Writers' Centre
Queensland Writers' Centre
South Australian Writers' Centre
South Coast Writers' Centre
Tasmanian Writers' Centre
Writers Victoria
Writing WA