• ISBN: (Paperback)9780522857108
  • ISBN: (E-Book)9780522857115
  • PUBLISHED:15/Jul/2009
  • IMPRINT:Miegunyah Press
  • SUBJECT:History of art / art & design styles

Crossing Cultures

Professor Jaynie Anderson (ed.)

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Conflict, Migration And Convergence

Crossing Cultures: Conflict, Migration and Convergence is an in-depth examination of the effect of globalism on art and art history. Covering all aspects of art—including traditional media, painting, sculpture, architecture and the crafts, as well as design, film, visual performance and new media—it explores the themes of conflict, migration and convergence in the visual, symbolic and artistic exchanges between cultures throughout history.
Crossing Cultures is a compliation of the conference papers from the 32nd International Congress in the History of Art organised by the International Committee of the History of Art (CIHA), edited by conference convenor Professor Jaynie Anderson. This volume contains more than 200 papers presented at the congress by art historians from twenty-five countries, including Homi K Bhabha (Harvard University), Michael Brand (Director of the John Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles), Marcia Langton (Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, University of Melbourne), Ronald de Leeuw (Director of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), Neil McGregor (Director of the British Museum, London) and Ruth B Phillips (Canada Research Chair in Modern Culture and Professor of Art History, Carleton University, Ottawa).
Never before has the state of art history in our polycentric world been demonstrated so well. Crossing Cultures encourages fresh thinking about global art history.

About the author

Professor Jaynie Anderson is Founding Director of the Australian Institute of Art History at the University of Melbourne. In 1970 she became the first female Rhodes Fellow at the University of Oxford, where she remained until 1991 lecturing in art history. She was the convenor of the 32nd International Congress in the History of Art, 'Crossing Cultures: Conflict, Migration and Convergence', at the University of Melbourne, 13-18 January 2008.


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