• ISBN: (Paperback)9780522864496
  • ISBN: (E-Book)9780522864502
  • PUBLISHED:04/Nov/2013
  • IMPRINT:Melbourne University Press
  • SUBJECT:Politics & government

The Rudd Rebellion

Bruce Hawker

  • Paperback $24.99
  • E-Book $14.99

The Campaign to Save Labor

The campaign diaries of Bruce Hawker, strategist for Kevin Rudd, take us from Rudd's removal as Prime Minister on 24 June 2010, right up until that fateful night of 7 September 2013 when Labor rule ended.

This is a fascinating account of one of the most challenging political campaigns Australia has ever seen. From the detailed war-gaming of potential political outcomes to the nail-biting lead-up to the polls... what really happened on that campaign trail? How did Rudd resume the prime ministership? Did his ultimate push come too late, or was saving the furniture the best the ALP could hope for?

These diaries reveal the sense of urgency and the size of the hurdles to be overcome in the remarkably short time that Team Rudd was given to try to turn around the Government's fortunes. They are a rare insight into the complexities of running a campaign—the strategic and tactical decisions that challenged the team every day as they tried to snatch an unlikely win.

Framed by a prologue and epilogue to set the scene and to analyse the election wash-up, this is a candid, blow-by-blow account of what really went on.

About the author

Bruce Hawker is a leading campaign manager with 30 years experience advising leaders in business and politics. He has advised Labor in campaigns since the 1980s and worked on virtually every campaign at state, territory and federal level between 1997 and today. This included a remarkable 10-year run between 1998 and 2007 when Labor did not lose one election at State or Territory level. His blog can be found at: www.brucehawker.com

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