• ISBN: (Paperback)9780522851458
  • PUBLISHED:15/Feb/2005
  • IMPRINT:MUP Academic
  • SUBJECT:Dance

Thinking In Four Dimensions

Catherine Stevens, Robin Grove, Shirley McKechnie

  • Paperback $49.99

This collaboration between artists, choreographers, researchers, experimental psychologists and cognitive scientists investigates ways in which choreographers and performers make innovative, expressive movement, and audiences interpret what may well be a previously unmapped experience. Thinking in Four Dimensions is the first book to address the cognitive processes that underpin the creation of new works of contemporary dance.

With case studies including data gathered from dance audiences as well as psychological analysis of new dance works, plus interviews with artists and video of performance pieces, Thinking in Four Dimensions is a unique package.

About the authors

Robin Grove, Catherine Stevens and Shirley McKechnie (eds)