• ISBN: (Hardback)9780522853063
  • PUBLISHED:01/Dec/2006
  • IMPRINT:Melbourne University Press
  • SUBJECT:Individual architects & architectural firms

Evolutionary Modernism

Daryl Jackson

  • Hardback $65.00

Daryl Jackson Selected Works

This lavishly designed and beautifully presented book is a landmark survey of the architecture of one of Australia's leading architects charting a 40 year journey from 1965 to 2005.Foreword by Patrick McCaughey.

Evolutionary Modernism tracks the evolution of Jackson's architectural style with chapters broken into five year intervals over that period. His buildings have ranged from family beach houses to the Great Southern Stand of the MCG and he has worked in places as diverse as Riyadh, Suva and Sydney.Patrick McCaughey's comprehensive Foreword includes his survey of many of Jackson's iconic works and his tribute to Jackson: 'His Modernism-Propositional Modernism as he calls it-retains a faith in the rational, enquiring process of architecture, the seeker of solutions to the problems of the man-made environment'.