• ISBN: (E-Book)9780522863994
  • PUBLISHED:09/May/2013
  • IMPRINT:Melbourne University Press Digital
  • SUBJECT:Architecture

Architecture On Campus

Goad, Philip, Tibbits, George

  • E-Book $13.99

Offers a unique insight into the rich array of buildings, public artworks and landscapes of the University of Melbourne.

Architecture on Campus offers a unique insight into the rich array of buildings, public artworks and landscapes of the University of Melbourne. When the university was established in 1853, its founders secured a large and expansive site. It was a shrewd move. The first building, the Quadrangle, was Tudor Gothic and handsome in aspect. It sat like a gentleman's villa in a vast park.
Now, 150 years later, the campus is like a city, home to more than 35 000 students and spreading beyond its original boundaries. It is an urban precinct with its own special identity, and its buildings offer an unparalleled chronicle of educational architecture in Australia.
Architecture on Campus features over one hundred buildings, complemented by Patrick Bingham Hall's stunning photographs. It is a celebration of the backdrop to the intellectual, social and sporting life of a venerable and distinguished university.
This clear and thoughtful guidebook is an invitation to exploration, and the perfect companion for walks.

About the authors

Philip Goad is Professor of Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Melbourne Architecture (1999) and New Directions in Australian Architecture (2001).

George Tibbits is a Senior Associate in the Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne. A notable composer and architectural historian, he is the author of Port Phillip Colonial (1989) and The Planning and Development of The University of Melbourne (2000).

Patrick Bingham-Hall is a Sydney-based architectural photographer whose work is published extensively in Australia and internationally. He is the author of Austral Eden: 200 Years of Australian Architecture (1999) and Olympic Architecture: Building Sydney 2000 (1999).


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