The Miegunyah Press

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Lavishly illustrated landmark books that document the national story...

The Miegunyah Press is a special imprint of Melbourne University Publishing that publishes prestigious books of the highest printing and design quality at affordable prices. From Geoffrey Bardon's Papunya to Jenny Hocking's two-volume biography of Gough Whitlam, Miegunyah Press books are absorbingly original, visually grand and eminently collectable.

Distinguished by their reputation for quality, books published under the Miegunyah imprint are lavishly illustrated landmark books that document the national story, and include a list of award-winning art, photography, historical and biographical titles. The diversity of this imprint also encompasses a range of contemporary genres including popular culture, travel, food and gardening titles.

The Miegunyah Press was established in 1967 through the vision of Sir Russell Grimwade and from major bequests provided by him and his wife. Sir Russell Grimwade (1879-1955), businessman and philanthropist, was a passionate collector of Australiana, especially books and paintings concerned with Australia's European beginnings. He is often remembered as the man who brought Captain Cook's Cottage to Australia in 1934. 'Miegunyah', in Orrong Road Toorak, was the Grimwade's home from 1911 to 1955. Miegunyah is an Aboriginal word meaning 'my house'. 

The Patron of The Miegunyah Press is Sir Andrew Grimwade who has had a unique and continuing involvement since the inception of the Press.

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