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  • PUBLISHED:15/Sep/2015
  • IMPRINT:Meanjin
  • SUBJECT:Literary essays

Meanjin Vol 74, No 3

Glyn Davis

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The Spring issue of Meanjin, guest-edited by the University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis, poses the question, 'Is there a crisis in democracy?'

The special issue features essays, interview and memoir from diverse notable Australian voices including Cheryl Saunders, Melissa Lucashenko, Gillian Triggs, Peter Doherty, Doug Hendrie, Cathy McGowan and many more.

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  • by Gwilym Croucher and Glyn Davis

Meanjin Papers 

  • Reforming Australian Federal Democracy by Cheryl Saunders and Michael Crommelin


  • The First Australian Democracy by Melissa Lucashenko
  • The Current Liberal Party by Judith Brett
  • Why the Future Depends on Restoring Democracy by Christine Milne
  • Crisis of Leadership and Philosophy by David Kemp (read free online)
  • Is the Labor Movement still Relevant to Australian Democracy? by Meredith Burgmann
  • The Magna Carta, Executive Power and Australian Democracy by Gillian Triggs
  • More than a Scarecrow? by Julianne Schultz
  • The Crisis of Australia’s Indigenous Policy by Ian Anderson
  • Is there a Crisis of Federalism in Australia? A View from the West  by Lorraine Finlay
  • Can a Career Politician ever Be truly Representative of the Australian People? by Clive Palmer
  • The Rise of the Professional Legislative Class in Australia’s Federal Parliament by Narelle Miragliotta and Nicholas Barry
  • The Crisis of Political Money; or, What the Rest of Australia Can Learn from New South Wales by Joo-Cheong Tham
  • Whither Democracy? by Lindsay Tanner
  • The Northern Territory: 240,000 Second-class Citizens by Clare Martin
  • Is Reform still Possible in the Age of the Soundbite? by Andrew Leigh
  • Now Is the Time: Public Cynicism and Australian Democracy by John Byron
  • The Long Hard Road to Empowerment by Michael Gordon
  • Increasing the Number of Female Representatives and Leaders in Australian Democracy by Kate Carnell
  • Towards a Future for Rural and Regional Australia by Sussan Ley
  • In the Land of the Blind by Lauren Rosewarne
  • Evidence and the Practice of Politics by Peter Doherty
  • The Arts: A Way of Knowing by Deborah Cheetham
  • The National Disability Insurance SchemeA Model for Reform? by Bruce Bonyhady
  • Democracy and Hybrid Governance in Australia by Helen Sullivan
  • Is Inequality Driving a Crisis in Australian Democracy? by Mark Triffitt
  • Are Younger Generations Disaffected and Apathetic about Australian Democracy? by Ellen Sandell
  • The ‘Australian Strategy’. What Strategy? by Brendan Gleeson
  • Is the Left in Crisis? by Carmen Lawrence
  • The Politics of Negotiating Native Title by Frank Brennan    
  • Australian Democracy and Climate Politics for the Long Term by Robyn Eckersley
  • Helping Our Democracy to Work Better by Geoff Gallop
  • Does Apathy about the Political System among Young People Point to a Crisis in Australian Democracy? by Travers McLeod
  • Are Think Tanks Bad for Democracy? by Andrew Norton
  • Democracy Duty by Gwilym Croucher
  • Does Lobbying Promote or Challenge Democratic Principles? by Sue Cato
  • Can NGOs effectively Engage in the Democratic Process? by Helen Cooney
  • In Praise of TechnocracyWhAustralia must Imitate Singapore by Doug Hendrie
  • Democracy Has Failed International Development by Helen Szoke
  • Economic Reform: The Revolution the Little People Lost by Dennis Glover
  • Is there a Crisis in Australian Democracy? by Stuart Macintyre
  • Our Democracy and Health Crises: Reflections on the Australian Response to HIV by Sharon Lewin
  • Why Does Australia Need to Be a Republic? by John Warhurst
  • Australias ‘Third Bite’ at Democracy by Nicholas Reece
  • Is the Parliament Equal to the Executive? by Anna Burke
  • In Praise of Parliament by Bronwyn Bishop
  • Austalgia: Our Homesickness for the Past by Jim Chalmers
  • Its not too Late to Change by Samina Yasmeen
  • The Place and Perspective of War Veterans in Contemporary Australian Democracy by Chris Madden
  • Citizens Juries: An Ancient Idea for Participation in a Modern World by Luca Belgiorno-Nettis
  • The Community Strikes Back by Suzanna Sheed
  • Australias Jewish People and Democracy by Dvir Abramovitch
  • Making a Difference as an Independent MP by Cathy McGowan
  • The Museum of Australian Democracy and Me by David Smith
  • A Role for Religion in Australian Democracy by Kristina Keneally (read free online)
  • Political Memoirs by Louise Adler (read free online)
  • To the Barricades—with whom and for What? by Maxine McKew


  • Garawan by Jennifer Harrison
  • Election Daby Omar Sakr


  • by David Rowe


  • The Question of Constitutional Recognition: Marcia Langton talks to David Leyonhjelm


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